LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – January 7, 2019 – BIG & Digital announced today Dr. Maarten Roos, Filmmaker and Planetary Scientist, will represent films for museums and planetariums across Europe as they expand with new space science content for Giant Screen and Fulldome Theaters.

Dr. Roos, sharing his time in Netherlands and Portugal, has been working as a freelance factual filmmaker since 2007. Roos has managed over 70 productions with more than 300 films and videos around science & technology, medical, music, human interest, art. These include documentary, educational, promotional and event productions through his company, Lightcurve Films.

Roos has clients and relationships with many science and education agencies across Europe. He has written science communication articles and web content and works with the press and media. Roos also organizes film workshops in collaboration with the Oxford Documentary Film Institute.

The timing is perfect for Maarten to represent our films in Europe. He has followed the production and success of In Saturn’s Rings and has natural passion and interest in the topic and opportunities our films offer for education and inspiration. In addition to In Saturn’s Rings releasing in Europe, Touch the Stars 3D by the producer of the Award-winning Space Next 3D, is also releasing February 2019.  As our “space science” content for museums expands, it is super exciting to have an expert join our Team, said Tina Ratterman, BIG & Digital president. Adding, “Maarten brings expertise our Film Buyers and I highly value and appreciate.”

Dr. Maarten Roos will begin immediately reaching out to Film buyers to share and gather information. He can also be reached directly by email: