In Saturn’s Rings

Fly through Space and explore the wonders of the Universe as science meets art on the giant screen. Created from over one million real photographs from space missions and historical sources, all animated to full motion, audiences will journey from the Big Bang to the awe-inspiring rings of Saturn.

Narrated by LeVar Burton

Image Sources: Cassini-Huygens, Apollo 8-17, Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), Hubble Space Telescope, Colin Legg Astrophotography (111k photos), Axel Mellinger Astrophotography (8k photos), Unmanned Spaceflight image processors, Messenger Mission, Suomi HPP (VIIRS), Galileo, Voyager 1 & 2, Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), Venus Express (VEX), Rosetta, Dawn, US Library of Congress


In Saturn’s Rings is a ground-breaking documentary film that takes audiences on a journey of the mind, heart and spirit. Created entirely of over 1.2 million real photographs all animated to full motion, In Saturn’s Rings has already become an online viral sensation. Fly through Space and explore the wonders of the Universe as science meets art on the giant screen.

In Saturn’s Rings journeys from the incredible images of Hubble and other space telescopes looking deep into the past, through stunning images of Earth, the Milky Way and the Moon, including a jaw-dropping recreation of the Apollo 17 mission, culminating in a breathtaking fly through of Saturn’s system.

Celebrating over 400,000 views of the new online teaser trailer since July 1st, with outstanding support from major media and science organizations!

Official Film Website

Executive and Co-Producers: James Toh, Don Cline, Nathalie A. Cabrol, Edmond A. Grin
Scientific Advisors: Andrew Chaikin, Bill Nye, Dr. Steve Danford, Professor Tom English

Production Company: SV2 Studio Productions –

Director & Writer: Stephen van Vuuren

Co-Producers: Michael Malaska, Kevin McAbee, David & Laura van Vuuren Music: Ferry Corsten, William Orbit, Samuel Barber

Running Time: 40 minutes Projected Release Date: Fall 2018

Available in 2D
Release formats: 15/70mm, IMAX Digital, Digital 4K & 8K, Fulldome
Release dates:
May 4, 2018 – Giant Screen and IMAX® Digital Theaters
Summer/Fall 2018 – 15/70mm & Fulldome
Run Time: 40 minutes
Production Company: SV2 Studios

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