Legends of the Northern Sky


For thousands of years, humanity has gazed at the stars in wonder in a search for understanding, truth, and insight. With that big a canvas spread out before us every night, it is no wonder that the stars served as a foundation for exploring human nature, a mechanism for looking back at ourselves.

Take a journey with the Indigenous peoples of the western plains of Canada and share the wisdom conveyed by the stars.

Journey alongside Ocek, the fisher, as he and his band of animal friends take a dangerous expedition south to retrieve summer and return it to the frozen north. To the Plains Cree, Ocek was forever running across the night sky, ensuring the arrival of summer after the cold, perilous winter.

Learn how the great bully, the giant bear Mista Maskwa, was finally tamed by a brave band of birds. This adventure is mapped in the stars as the birds chase Mista Maskwa every night, keeping us safe from his foul temperament.

The Indigenous people of North America connected with the night sky in fundamental ways that resonated with their world. In Legends of the Northern Sky, we learn and appreciate their stories in the stars and in turn, learn a little bit more about the spirit that connects us all.

Official website: https://twose.ca/northernsky

Production Company: TELUS World of Science – Edmonton & Critical Fusion Production

Producers: Alan Nursall and Perry Shulak

Directed by: Perry Shulak

Voice and Storyteller: Julian Black Antelope

Content Experts: Wilfred Buck & Betty Simon

Writers: Perry Shulak, Alan Nursall & Frank Florian

Animation Lead: Marina Hellervick

Animators: Ryan Iddiols & Perry Shulak

Graphics: Jordan Birch & Lorna Bennett

Music Composition and Sound: Donovan Reimer

Available in 2D
Format: 360-Fulldome
Resolution: 4K/8K, 30 fps
Run Times: 23 Minutes
Release Date: April 2019


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