Secret Life of Ningaloo Reef World Premiere

We are proud to partner with Prospero Productions, of Fremantle, Western Australia, to announce Secret Life of Ningaloo Reef will be the first of eight new Shows produced by Prospero Productions and distributed by BIG & Digital to Fulldome Theaters, including Planetariums. The World Premiere will be at the Western Australian Maritime Museum in Fremantle, Australia on December 29, 2018.

In this world first and shot with RED Weapon Brain cameras with Helium 8K sensors, audiences will be taken on a magical expedition through one of the world’s largest fringing coral reefs in a two-person submarine, Odyssea, revealing the intimate secrets of the Ningaloo Reef. The Ningaloo Reef stretches along the north west coast of Western Australia and is virtually untouched. It is visible from space and is a rich coral highway for both the largest fish on the planet, and some of its smallest. Central to the reef’s health, and key to its diversity is one of the planet’s greatest natural events. One night a year, driven by the March full moon, the entire coral reef spawns in mass synchrony. The audience is surrounded by this underwater explosion. The midnight phenomenon is a dazzling and psychedelic creator of life!

Odyssea’s adventure climaxes with the arrival of the reef’s greatest attraction. A larger than life, annual visitor, the whale shark. The world’s largest fish is a majestic gentle giant which meanders through the turquoise waters in this refreshing story of the intimate workings of this underwater paradise.