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    • Friend, colleague and filmmaker Daniel Ferguson shared this and we share it with you. Beautiful montage!

      He "serves on the board of the Altér-ciné Foundation, a small group of filmmakers and freedom-of-expression activists who raise funds to actively support young documentary filmmakers in the global South - voices rarely heard outside their countries, yet reflecting the realities of life in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Since 2001, we have managed to award grants to 45 filmmakers (including 20 women) across the South to help them face difficult, often dangerous, conditions. Their completed films bear witness to their courage and creativity; they have made us proud.

      To mark the Foundation's 15th anniversary we have compiled a montage of their work. The contributors are Kumaré from Brazil, Miki and Dara from South Africa, Emad from Palestine, Hector and Carlos from Peru, Tin from Mexico, Eliane from Lebanon, Lida from Cambodia, Fahad and Chandra from India, and Ahmed from Egypt. The demo was edited by Jocelyne Clarke, with music generously contributed by Robert M. Lepage."

      Please share and spread the word! THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed over the years.

      This is "Alter-Ciné Found...


      15 minutes ago

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